Sunday, 24 May 2009

Module Assignment Structure

This is a 5,000 core module which engages with  the issues surrounding teaching and learning practice. The assessment strategy clearly states that as students we are expected to do a piece of action research, which should be presented in a form of a report. I propose therefore, to use the previous module guidelines and set out the structure of the assignment as follows:

Introduction (300 words)
  • Content of action research (100)
  • Research focus (100)
  • hypothesis or main questions to be addressed (100)
Description of the action research project (600)
  • Type of research (150)
  • Research paradigm (150)
  • Purpose of research (150)
  • Type(s) of data (150)
Review of literature (2,100 words)
  • Evaluate and critically appraise the effectiveness of key pedagogical and androgogical concepts and approaches to chosen area of research  (300)
  • Evaluate and critically appraise theories of teaching and learning, including those advocated by the schools of behaviourism, cognitivism and humanism in the context of ones own teaching practice (300)
  • Discuss the role of ICT in teaching and learning in relation to ones own teaching practice and the facilitation of learning for students in ones own practice(300)
  • Discuss the benefits and strategies used for reflective practice for both the teacher and learner in ones own practice(300)
  • Discuss how preferred learning styles of your students influence ones delivery of pedagogy to make learning more effective (300)
  • Discuss the use of reflective practice in a professional context to critically evaluate the effectiveness of delivery and learning(300)
  • Discuss the link between the learning process and motivation in respect of social, cultural and institutional contexts (300)
Methodology (1,500 words)
  • Demonstrate the use of reflective practice to critically evaluate current learning and professional practice
  • develop, apply and critique ones own hypotheses to teaching methods within their own professional contexts to extend practice
Conclusion and Solution (500 words)
  • Synopsis of action research of the teaching and learning methods used
  • Justification of the strategies taken
  • Outcomes and suggestions for further development
  • Demonstrate how this will advance practitioner methods and skills

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